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Devenski replaces Abreu on Astros' roster for World Series

Updated 9:25 am PDT, Tuesday, October 22, 2019

HOUSTON (AP) — Chris Devenski replaced Bryan Abreu on the Houston Astros' World Series roster against the Washington Nationals in a swap of right-handed pitchers.

A right-hander who turns 29 next month, Devenski has not pitched in a game since Sept. 29, the last day of the regular season. He made five appearances in the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers two years ago and got the win in Game 2 despite allowing Charlie Culberson's 11th-inning homer. He failed to hold a three-run lead in the ninth inning of Game 5, giving up Yasiel Puig's two-run homer and Chris Taylor's RBI single.

Abreu, a 22-year-old rookie who made his debut in July, was not on the roster for the Division Series against Tampa Bay, then was added for the League Championship Series against the New York Yankees. His only appearance was in the Astros' opening 7-0 loss, when he relieved to start the ninth inning, allowed a first-pitch home run to Gio Urshela, gave up Gleyber Torres' RBI grounder and was replaced with two outs and two on.

Houston again is carrying 12 pitchers, all right-handed, for the Series, which starts Tuesday night.


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Source: Devenski replaces Abreu on Astros' roster for World Series

Nationals vs. Astros score: Live World Series Game 1 updates, highlights, full coverage

Oct 22, 2019 at 8:54 pm ET• 1 min read

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Game 1 of the 2019 World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals is underway at Minute Maid Park. The Astros, who defeated the Yankees to win the AL, have home-field advantage by virtue of possessing the better regular-season record. The Nationals, meanwhile, won the National League over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Astros jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning in a battle of aces between Max Scherzer and Gerrit Cole.

Although Cole was able to work around a leadoff baserunner and steal, Scherzer could not get through a clean first frame. A walk to George Springer and subsequent single by Jose Altuve set the table for a Yuli Gurriel double that plated both and prolonged a lengthy first inning for the right-hander.

Game 1 got started shortly after 8 p.m. and can be streamed with fuboTV (Try for free). CBS Sports will be providing live updates, highlights and analysis throughout Game 1. Follow along below.

Source: Nationals vs. Astros score: Live World Series Game 1 updates, highlights, full coverage

World Series Game 1: Washington Nationals v Houston Astros – live!

8.52pm EDT20:52

Nationals 1-2 Astros, bottom 2nd

Martin Maldonado is up there with a runner on first. Scherzer gets ahead 0-2 and is about to throw a pitch when time is called by… somebody. Everybody seems annoyed. Scherzer’s next pitch is very wild but Suzuki blocks it and Maldonado hits a harmless flyball for the first out of the inning

8.50pm EDT20:50

Nationals 1-2 Astros, bottom 2nd

Scherzer is back out there to face Yordan Alvarez who thinks he’s walked on a 3-1 pitch but it’s a pitch right on the corner. He does walk on the very next pitch however.

8.45pm EDT20:45

Nationals 1-2 Astros, top 2nd

FOX measures the home run at 413 feet. Not a cheapie, in other words. Kurt Suzuki follows it up with a solid at-bat, working a 3-2 count, but he grounds out to short despite nearly beating the tag. Still, a very big inning for Washington.

8.42pm EDT20:42

Home run! (Nationals)

Nationals 1-2 Astros, top 2nd

And we’re already at a 2-1 game so maybe my low-scoring game prediction was off. Longtime National Ryan Zimmerman hits a home run and it’s a one-run game.

8.40pm EDT20:40

Nationals 0-2 Astros, top 2nd

Asdrubal Cabrera is up next, he pops up to the infield.

8.38pm EDT20:38

Nationals 0-2 Astros, top 2nd

Cole throws a strike to Howie Kendrick who not only is still in the league but has been the Nationals’ most important player. This time around he just grounds out to short.

8.36pm EDT20:36

Email from Lafcadio Zuccarello:

It’s been two years since I first emailed you about saying Springer-Dinger when he hits a home run. I’m just getting in early this series!

Well a walk and a run isn’t quite a home run but it’s worth the same for the Astros.

8.34pm EDT20:34

Nationals 0-2 Astros, bottom 1st

Carlos Correa is up to bat now, with Gurriel on second. Correa works a full count, Scherzer’s already up to 25 pitches and gets a strikeout on the 26th but Houston has struck first and that may be all that Gerrit Cole needs.

8.31pm EDT20:31

Run-Scoring Double! (Astros)

Nationals 0-2 Astros, bottom 1st

Yuli Gurriel is up next and Scherzer immediately gets ahead of him 0-2. He’s a strike away from getting out of the early jam… and his next pitch is, uh, not that strike.

And Gurriel hits a double that scores two! The Astros are immediately on top!

8.29pm EDT20:29

Nationals 0-0 Astros, bottom 1st

Scherzer would like a strikeout here, but he throws another pitch that catcher Kurt Suzuki has to block. On 2-2, Bregman strikes out but, on the K, Altuve takes second.

8.27pm EDT20:27

Nationals 0-0 Astros, bottom 1st

Scherzer gets ahead of Bregman 0-2 and then uncorks a wild pitch that allows Springer to slide into third and now the Astros can score on an out.

8.26pm EDT20:26

Nationals 0-0 Astros, bottom 1st

Scherzer gets ahead of Michael Brantley 0-2 and then gets Brantley to swing and miss for the first out of the bottom of the 1st. ANd here comes Alex Bergman, to MVP chants.

8.23pm EDT20:23

Nationals 0-0 Astros, bottom 1st

Jose Altuve picks up right where he left off, scalding a single and the Astros have runners on first and second and nobody out. In a game that could very well be a low-scoring game this could be decided right here and now.

8.22pm EDT20:22

Nationals 0-0 Astros, bottom 1st

George Springer leads off for Houston against the Nationals’ Max Scherzer and he works a full count walk. So both sides get their leadoff man on.

8.19pm EDT20:19

Email from Sammy Lopez Metta Bexar:

Being from and in Texas, I suppose I default root for the Astros (even as a Cubs fan)... But I wonder, given all the talk of pitching and bullpen, wouldn’t it be good to have a relief MBMer? Bottom of the 6th, to step in when the going gets too dang long?

Considering my many whiffs and errors in the preamble I could have used an Opener for this one.

8.17pm EDT20:17

Nationals 0-0 Astros, top 1st

Juan Soto comes out with a chance to drive in Turner and instead he flails and leaves Turner at second. The single and stolen base don’t come back to hurt him. ,

8.15pm EDT20:15

Nationals 0-0 Astros, top 1st

Anthony Rendon is up next trying to drive in an early run against Cole. Instead, he strikes out on three straight pitches.

8.14pm EDT20:14

Nationals 0-0 Astros, top 1st

Eaton attempts to bunt Turner over but instead pops it right up for the first out of the game.

8.13pm EDT20:13

First pitch

Nationals 0-0 Astros, top 1st

Trea Turner takes the first pitch for a ball and then hits a single after the second. Then he steals second with Adam Eaton at the plate. There’s a decent start for Houston.

8.09pm EDT20:09

Email from Daniel Strauss:

I’d like to see the Astros sweep, just to finally shake off the sadness that was 2005, but I don’t see that happening. I’m hoping it’ll be done in 5, but like any good Houston fan, I can’t ever rule out the possibility of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I’ll be a wreck until the final out, regardless.

I can’t see a sweep as good as Houston has been but five games wouldn’t be shocking.

8.02pm EDT20:02

National Anthem

Normally I spend some time here grading the National Anthem but I had t spending a minute to re-finagle the preamble where, as you have pointed out, I somehow traded Gerrit Cole for Max Scherzer in mid-paragraph.

I have since fixed, my apologies to all.

7.51pm EDT19:51

Email from Patrick Megan:

Greetings from Hong Kong. It’s almost 8am, I’ve got my toast and coffee ready for the start of the game but I have a feeling I’ll be here for lunch too. These playoff games are taking longer than NFL games and that’s saying something.

Hang in there.

This will either be super-quick, like a relatively crisp pitcher’s battle or we’re going to extra innings and it’s going be like four plus hours. No middle ground.

7.48pm EDT19:48


Since this is Game 1, there’s no better time than now to make a series prediction. I have to say that I think the Astros win in six games but, but, the Nationals are going to give them a scare by pulling out a 2-1 win tonight. Expect lots and lots of strikeouts.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to send your predictions this way, either via email (to or Twitter (@HunterFelt).

7.31pm EDT19:31

I’m sure the MLB was hoping for controversy-free World Series, well the Houston Astros have e. Last year, the Astros traded for reliever Robert Osuna, who was serving a 75 game suspension for domestic violence. (The charges were eventually dropped when the woman in question refused to testify, but the league’s investigation determined there was enough there to warrant the suspension.) He has since gone on to become the team’s closer.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated’s Stephanie Apstein, a report which was later collaborated by other witnesses, after the Astros Game 6 victory over the Yankees, Astros assistant GM Brandon Taubman turned to a group of female reporters present and yelled “Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f---ing glad we got Osuna!” in a taunting manner. (This, despite the fact that Osuna had actually blown the save in Game 6 and only received a win thanks to Jose Altuve’s walk-off home run.)

The Astros quickly released a statement denying that the incident happened as described. Following further corroboration, the Astros then decided that this strategy wasn’t going to work out so today they issued further statements that did little to undo the damage already done.

The MLB is now investigating the incident, all but ensuring that we haven’t heard the end of the story. Nor should we.

7.20pm EDT19:20


Welcome to the 2019 World Series which, in grand MLB tradition is between a team that pretty much everybody expected to be here and a team that snuck its way in. The Houston Astros were the best team in baseball for a long stretch, winning a ridiculous 107 games, a handful more than the New York Yankees team that they defeated in the American League Championship Series.

The Washington Nationals’ 93-69 regular season record doesn’t look too bad in a vacuum, but it was only enough for a second place finish in their division and only guaranteed an appearance in the National League Wild Card game. Of course, they beat the Milwaukee Brewers in that game, stunned the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLDS and then swept an inert St Louis Cardinals team on their way to the World Series. Essentially, we’re getting the best team in baseball vs. the hottest team in the postseason.

How did they get there? Well, it turns out that starting pitching is somewhat important. Houston has the luxury of putting out Gerrit Cole, Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke as their top three alongside a very potent lineup of hitters. The Nationals are countering with Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Patrick Corbin and veteran Anibal Sanchez who is on an impressive run. The Nationals bullpen is, well, not quite as good as the Astros’, but it hasn’t mattered much recently. One of the advantages of skipping a Game 5 and 6 is that you don’t have as many innings to hand off to your lesser pitchers.

So, who has the advantage in this all-important Game 1? Well, Cole and the Astros have the luxury of starting this game at their own stadium but the. Can Washington’s bats find a way to get to Cole and pull off the upset and reclaim home field advantage?

Well, we’re about to find out. If you would like to contribute to the blog, you can email your thoughts to or tweet them to @HunterFelt throughout the next few hours and we’ll include them in this liveblog along the way. It’s Game 1 of the 2019 World Series at Minute Maid Park. First pitch is scheduled around 8:08pm EST but we’ll be back well before then.

Updated at 7.58pm EDT

1.10pm EDT13:10

Hunter will be here shortly, in the meantime here’s how the two teams are shaping up before tonight’s game:

Source: World Series Game 1: Washington Nationals v Houston Astros – live!

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